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Domain and Hosting Meaning

By domain, we usually mean a web address. The link or web link that is used to visit the website is basically the domain. Each website has a name or domain. Such as Google’s And the data that this website has is in certain stores. And this storage is called hosting.

What is a domain?

The domain is the name of a website. This name is always unique. There are no two registrations in one name. The domain name ends in a dot (.) Followed by a domain extension. This domain extension is compatible with other domains. Anyone can purchase a domain if they want. However, the price of different domains is different. These domains are not of many types. It has only one small type known as a subdomain. And the sub-domain sits first of any domain. And then there is a dot (.) And also the main domain.

There are different domain extensions for each country. A dot (.) For USA dot (.) In us, for India. In this way, the last or short part of the name of the country is made.

Domain registration is done. There are international organizations for this. This organization is WHO.IS. Registration of any domain is done through this organization.

What is Hosting?

I was saying at first that hosting hutch is storage. But this storage is online-based. That is, storage or hosting is created by contacting a computer hard disk online. The files that are kept here can be read through the web address. In other words, if a website is to be published online, hosting is required.

There are many types of hosting. As hard disks are divided a lot. And depending on this the loading speed of the website is more or less. So good means you need to use hosting. This will increase the speed of the site.

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